Completed Oral Histories

The Oral History Program documents the lives and careers of individuals who have worked in various areas of the motion picture industry. To date, our interviewers have conducted more than 70 in-depth oral histories on subjects ranging from art direction and film editing to censorship and Academy history. A number of interviewees were also questioned in detail about their contribution to the filmmaking effort during World War II.

Ken Adam, (1921-), Production designer
Adele Balkan, (1907-1999), Costume designer
Margaret Booth, (1898-2002), Film editor
Robert F. Boyle, (1909-2010), Production designer
Henry Bumstead, (1915-2006), Production designer
Ridgeway Callow, (1901-1981), Assistant director
Edward Carfagno, (1907-1996), Production designer
Joseph J. Cohn, (1895-1996), Studio executive, Producer
Robert Cowan interview regarding Lester Cowan, (1907-1990), Executive
Owen Crump, (1904-1998), Screenwriter, Producer
Marc Davis, (1913-2000), Animator
Laraine Day, (1920-2007), Actress
Philip Dunne, (1908-1992), Screenwriter
Hal Elias, (1899-1993), Publicist, Studio executive
C. O. "Doc" Erickson, (1923-), Producer, Production manager
Rudi Fehr, (1911-1999), Film editor, Post-production executive
Gene Fowler, Jr., (1917-1998), Film editor, Director
William A. Fraker, (1923-2010), Cinematographer
Richard Goldstone, (1912-2007), Producer
Alexander Golitzen, (1908-2005), Production designer
Harold Grieve, (1901-1993), Art director, Interior decorator
Milton L. Gunzburg, (1910-1991), Screenwriter, Producer
Curtis Harrington, (1926-2007), Director
Arthur Hiller, (1923-), Director, Academy President
Sam Jaffe, (1901-2000), Agent, Producer
Richard Kahn, (1929-), Publicist, Academy President
Hal Kanter, (1918-2011), Screenwriter
Herbert Kline, (1909-1999), Documentary filmmaker
Howard W. Koch, (1916-2001), Producer, Director, Academy President
Julian "Bud" Lesser, (1915-2005), Producer
Karl Malden, (1912-2009), Actor, Academy President
Takuo Miyagishima, (1928-2011), Engineer
Gloria Morgan, (1910-2004), Script supervisor
Kathleen Morris interview regarding George Stanley, (1903-1970)
Carlton Moss, (1909-1997), Screenwriter
Marcia Nasatir, (1926-), Producer, Studio executive
Hal Needham, (1931-2013), Stuntman, Director
Joseph M. Newman, (1909-2006), Director
Frank Pierson, (1925-2012), Screenwriter, Director, Academy President
Leo C. Popkin, (1914-2011), Producer, Director, Exhibitor
Peggy Robertson, (1916-1998), Script supervisor, Assistant to Alfred Hitchcock
Donald C. Rogers, (1931-), Post-production executive
Hans Salter, (1896-1994), Composer
David W. Samuelson, Cinematographer, Inventor, Author
Lela Simone, (1907-1991), Sound and music supervisor
Fredrick Y. Smith, (1903-1991), Film editor
Murray Spivack, (1903-1994), Sound recordist and mixer
Daniel Taradash, (1913-2003), Screenwriter, Academy President
Albert E. Van Schmus, (1919-), Production Code Administration staff member, Assistant director
Petro Vlahos, (1916-2013), Engineer
Robert M. W. Vogel, (1899-1995), Studio executive
Harrold Weinberger, (1900-1997), Assistant director, Production manager
Haskell Wexler, (1922-), Cinematographer, Director
J. Arthur Widmer, (1914-2006), Engineer
Ralph Winters, (1909-2004), Film editor
Robert Wise, (1914-2005), Director, Producer, Academy President
Lothrop Worth, (1903-2000), Cinematographer
Eugene Zukor, (1897-1994), Studio executive